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Our Finance Center

Vermilion Chevrolet GMC is the most trusted dealer in the region. Our customers know an extraordinary car-buying and -owning experience awaits. We’re renowned for delivering a world-class dealership experience that helps you celebrate and have confidence in your purchase today, tomorrow, and every day forward. Our finance center is at the heart of that experience.

Our Promise: Financing on Your Terms

What excites you the most about buying a new or used vehicle? Is it exploring your options and test-driving your top choices? What part of the process do you dread? Nearly everyone agrees that navigating financing is the most stressful, overwhelming, and unenjoyable.

As veterans in the automotive industry, we recognize that the traditional finance process is unwelcoming and outdated. Most dealerships don’t operate transparently, forcing customers to waste valuable time negotiating a fair price only to experience sticker shock because of hidden fees and add-ons throughout the purchase process. Unfortunately, this can lead to buyer’s remorse and break the bonds of trust with a dealership.

Vermilion Chevrolet GMC is proud to offer something entirely different. We operate with transparency, competitively and openly pricing our models to ensure you don’t waste time negotiating. This transparency also defines our finance process, with our team offering financing on your terms. Our goal is to ensure your next vehicle fits your budget and financial needs just as readily as it checks all the boxes on your must-have list of features and conveniences. So, how do we deliver?

Knowledge Is Power: Understanding Your Purchase Options

When you’re ready to say “yes” to the perfect car, truck, or SUV, the Vermilion Chevrolet GMC team will kickstart the celebration and initiate the next step of the process. You’ve done the hard work of exploring and narrowing down your options, so it’s up to us to make the next step—the purchase process—straightforward and efficient. To do that, we start by explaining your purchase options to determine the best choice for your financial situation.

Loans: What Are They? What Are the Advantages?

Getting a loan gives you the opportunity to find the car of your dreams without having to drain your savings account or emergency fund. Instead, a lender loans you the money for the purchase with a contractual agreement to repay it with interest. Lenders determine your eligibility by evaluating your credit score, with higher credit scores awarding lower interest rates. You can also take advantage of our in-house financing, meaning our dealership serves as the lender rather than a bank, credit union, or another financial institution.

There are many advantages to getting a loan for your next vehicle. First, loans are available for new and used vehicles, meaning you have more options to shop and find the best car, truck, or SUV. Secondly, loans give you ownership of the vehicle, with the lender sending you the title once the loan is repaid. As a result, there are no limitations to what you can do to the vehicle regarding modifications and upgrades because it’s yours.

Leases: What Are They? What Are the Advantages?

Leasing is a popular option for our customers who want lower monthly payments without the long-term responsibilities of owning a vehicle. Think of leasing a car like renting an apartment: instead of paying a mortgage, you pay monthly rent. Likewise, when you lease a car with us, you’re paying to borrow the vehicle for a predetermined term, like 24 or 36 months. Since you’re borrowing the car, there are a few more restrictions, such as you can’t make permanent modifications and must be mindful of mileage and wear-and-tear restrictions.

Leasing is advantageous in several ways. First, we can work with you to find the perfect terms to fit your budget and mileage needs. Then, once the lease ends, you can sign a new lease, purchase your leased vehicle, or finance a new or used model. As a result, you can drive a new car with the latest features every few years. Another benefit to leasing is enjoying lower monthly payments and avoiding a large initial down payment.

Bring Your Automotive Dreams to Life Today

Are you ready to thoroughly enjoy the car-buying process? We certainly hope so because we’re excited to help you celebrate. Bring your automotive dreams to life today with Vermilion Chevrolet GMC, where financing is always on your terms.

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