Benefits of OEM Chevy Parts

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If you’ve ever needed a new part for your vehicle, you might find yourself wondering about the difference between aftermarket and OEM Chevy parts. What is so important about OEM parts, and what is the meaning of OEM? While there are some good aftermarket parts out there, you’re almost always going to be better off sticking to OEM Chevy parts. If you’re unsure why, find out more from Vermilion Chevrolet GMC today, and let our parts department help clear up some of these questions about how to accessorize your used SUV.

The Difference Between OEM Parts and Aftermarket

The first thing Danville drivers should know is that OEM means ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer.’ OEM Chevy parts are designed to fit your exact year, model, and trim of Chevrolet, and each one will have been made to high Chevy standards. In fact, many carry warranties when you buy from an approved Chevy dealer like Vermilion Chevrolet GMC. This means that when you purchase an OEM Chevy Silverado part from Vermilion Chevrolet GMC it’s going to be built for your Silverado and no other model.

Aftermarket parts are made by a third party to fit a wide range of vehicles, not just your exact make and model. You can find a huge array of aftermarket parts, but they aren’t generally recommended over an OEM part. You’ll usually find aftermarket parts sold at unlicensed Champaign auto shops or online.

Benefits of Using OEM Parts Over Aftermarket Parts

The only real benefit of using aftermarket parts is their lower price, but that comes at a cost. Aftermarket parts are generally cheaper than OEM Chevy parts because they are made at high volumes for a wide range of models in order to maximize profits. While that does mean they cost less, OEM Chevy parts are worth paying slightly more for.

Here’s why:

  • Quality and Reliability: Aftermarket parts don’t always need to pass quality inspections, and they aren’t made to the highest of standards. This makes them more likely to either fail or contribute to larger problems and unsafe driving.
  • Warranty Coverage: Using an aftermarket part will often jeopardize your warranty coverage, leaving you with high repair and replacement bills if they fail.
  • Convenience: Going aftermarket means having to choose from an overwhelming number of options. With OEM Chevy Silverado parts, there’s always one right option to fit each need.

Get Your Genuine OEM Parts from Vermilion Chevrolet GMC

Our team can help with everything from servicing your vehicle to making sure that you are getting the right OEM Chevy Silverado parts. Contact us today with any questions that you might have, and let our team make it easier than ever to enjoy your Chevy model.

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