What Does Rotating Your Tires Mean?

Rotating tires


Many Danville drivers, especially those who are first time drivers, may not know what it means to rotate their tires. What is a tire rotation? And what does a tire rotation do? It’s actually fairly easy to understand what rotating your tires means. In its simplest explanation, it means moving the wheels from one position (front or back, left or right) to the other. There are certain patterns for completing a tire rotation. Here are some other basics about tire rotation:

  • Cars generally are heavier in the front. The front tires end up wearing down quicker than the back. Other factors will affect wear down rate as well.
  • In front-wheel drive cars, the front axle and wheels carry the forward motion. In this case the front tires wear down faster than in RWD, AWD, or four-wheel drive vehicles. 
  • This also means that the tire rotation pattern will be determined by your vehicle’s drivetrain. 

What is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is a routine maintenance that should be performed every 6 months or every 6,000 miles. It can significantly extend the life of your set of tires. It helps to maintain traction, improve fuel economy, and prevent blowouts. Furthermore, it ultimately helps keep you safe on Champaign roads. Check out our car care tips to learn more about extending the life of your car. 

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

  • Loss of tread depth occurs when tires wear down. This loss of tread depth results in traction reduction. This can interfere with the control you have in your vehicle in various situations. It’s crucial to attend to tire wear down and keep an even tread level to maintain traction.
  • As the tires get more and more worn down the likelihood of failure rises. In order to prevent blowouts as you drive around Savoy, and avoid the unpleasantness, you will want to rotate your tires.
  • When tires have uneven wear and tear, it can produce a vibration you may feel in the steering wheel. Rotation improves performance.
  • Worn tires drag, put a strain on the engine, and increase your fuel consumption. Tire rotation maximizes your efficiency.

Trust Vermilion Chevrolet GMC For Your Service Needs

When it comes time for your next service, our service center is ready to get you in and out in no time at all. Make sure that tire rotations are part of your routine maintenance so that you can maximize the life of your tires, and then schedule service today to get in and in no time at all. If you have any questions about the service process, contact us, and we’ll readily help you no matter what the question is.

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